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M2PE Technology is a skin care enthusiast's dream

M2PE Technology is a patented skin care technology that is exclusive to Dr. Renaud. This new technology allows therapeutic ingredients to absorb into deeper layers of the skin in order to increase their effect. Most skin care lines don’t have the same ability to penetrate, meaning that their beneficial ingredients remain on the top layer of the epidermis rather than doing their work within the deeper layers of the skin.

Better absorption means deeper cellular activity. It means that the ingredients in the product affect your skin cells at the source rather than at the end of their life cycle on the skin surface.

Normal moisturizers (or oil in water emulsions) remain on the skin surface and act as a barrier to water loss and as a protective layer to outside aggressors.Active ingredients only work to nourish dead cells on the surface of the skin if there is a penetrating agent.

An example of a simple, natural penetrant is peppermint essential oil. A cheap, synthetic alternative is propylene glycol. M2PE Technology uses no synthetics and provides up to 2.5 times more absorption. Like all Dr. Renaud products, it contains no dyes, parabens, fragrance, is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and is not tested on animals. Furthermore, it's made in Canada!

M2PE Technology is present in C10% Vitamin Serum, a powerful antioxidant serum with active ingredients used at clinically tested doses. This serum decreases the appearance of brown spots, restores radiance to the complexion, improves skin texture and hydration and makes skin more resistant to external aggressors. C10% Vitamin Serum with M2PE Technology neutralizes the effects of UV damage in all the layers of the skin.

M2PE Technology is also present in Lift Jeunesse Intense Restructuring cream. It allows active ingredients to penetrate in order to firm facial contours, fight the look of wrinkles, improve skin elasticity as well as radiance and resilience.

I have been awed by the ingenuity and innovation of the Laboratoire Dr. Renaud line so far. M2PE Technology is a major innovative advantage of the line, but far from the only one. This line has so many interesting features and procedures that I am continually learning and working to implement all of them in my clinical practice. I hope you will discover this amazing line for yourself!


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