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My Life During Covid-19

The past week has been different than any other in my life. This is true for myself, my clients, and probably for most of the rest of the world. However, while the world at large grapples with Covid-19, I strongly suspect I'm waging the same war in the microcosm of my own home.

About a week and a half ago, I developed a cough that came after finally getting over a flu I picked up while visiting family in Brazil. I stayed at home while I felt sick and resumed my normal activities once I felt well. But then the cough came. So, following directions from our government, I closed down shop and have stayed at home since. I felt hot and cold, but was never able to properly take my temperature. I had body aches and a headache and nausea. I called my family doctor and he recommended that I continue to self-isolate, but told me it was unlikely that I had Covid-19 - the virus making headlines and shutting down countries. Despite what my doctor had said, I felt paranoid and feared going to sleep and waking up being unable to breathe.... but this never happened.

I decided it was likely just a cold and have been continuing get get better - slowly. Four days ago, all sense of taste and smell disappeared, which is apparently a tell-tale sign of a Covid-19 infection. My health improves about 5% each day, which is very slow by my standards. And since I first went into self-isolation, the world has changed immensely. The people I speak with all talk about Covid-19. It's inescapable because it has affected all of our lives so profoundly. Each morning I wake up and think “more pandemic!” And the day replays itself.

I hope that this will be over soon. And I hope that I can continue to provide my clients with the treatments and results that mean so much to them. I love the social time with my clients and love assuming a small role in their lives. I am gratified by seeing their progress in whatever area they are focusing on: laser hair removal, de-pigmentation treatments, rosacea treatment.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have found a lot of gratitude for the following:

* That I followed instructions and self-isolated from the moment I developed symptoms. I don’t have any feelings of guilt for having exposed my loved ones or my clients even though at the time the directives seemed a little extreme.

* My body has been strong enough to overcome this without medical attention or strain on the medical system.

* Canada is a country that prioritizes taking care of its citizens and offers universal health care that is world class.

* The opportunity to create a business offering top-of-the-line services that make me excited to get out of bed each day.

* A wonderful community of clients who have supported me from the beginning and that I can give back to.

I hope that anyone reading this finds some sense of kinship in my musings and experience with Covid-19. While the world has been through epidemics and wars that thankfully I haven't lived through, this situation we are all in right now is different. For a change, every place on earth is waging the same war simultaneously against a common enemy. In this battle, heallth, isolation, infection and economic impact are the most pressing issues at hand. I hope that when it passes, Covid-19 leaves an indelible mark on the world that will help to unite us and make us smarter about the world we live in and how we conduct ourselves. In the meantime, we'll just have to be patient until is passes.

"All things pass and pain is temporary. It comes to teach a lesson and when the lesson is understood it disappears into the night." — Leon Brown


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