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Skin Fitness

I see clients every day who want a massive change in the quality of their skin IMMEDIATELY. Have you ever seen a personal trainer transform someone’s body in a single workout? No. Never!

Healthy and beautiful skin comes from a holistic approach that starts with a good diet, lifestyle, the right skin care products and gentle treatments. Your skin needs to get FIT...over time.

Estheticians are like personal trainers for the skin. Is your face riddled with blackheads and clogged pores? Clean that guck out before you do laser to correct scars, pore size and pigmentation. Is it sun damaged, neglected and new to active ingredients? Go slowly - with active ingredients and treatments.

Once your skin is cleaner, stronger and well hydrated, try laser! Conditioned skin - like a well conditioned body - will respond better to strong treatments that create dramatic improvements through healing.

Like a fit body that runs a marathon, all the conditioning work leading up to that point will make your skin more resilient, beautiful, and faster healing, with less chance of adverse effects. The best skin of your life will thank you - and you will too!

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