Triple Lipid Regenerating Youth Care
  • Restores the skin's essential lipids: ceramides, natural cholesterol and fatty acids
  • Helps to regenerate the skin's natural moisture barrier
  • Improves skin elasticity and texture
  • Contributes to the balance of the mature skin micrbiota


Formulated with ECOBIOTYS, Gold Medal winner for Best Ingredient at In-Cosmetics Global Awards, 2018. This product includes a 1:2:1 ratio of the skin's three essential lipids; ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids. Cholesterol helps to instantly restore the moisture barrier. Niacinamide helps to restore proper lipid levels while deeply nourishing the skin to attentuate signs of premature aging. Flower nectar extract acts like a probiotic, restoring the microbiota of mature skin for a healthier look and feel. Excellent for use with night creams containing Retinol to prevent dryness or sensitivity.


Directions for use:


Morning and evening, after a thorough cleansing of the skin, apply a small amount to the face and neck. Massage in gently until absorbed. Proceed with make-up if desired.

Triple Lipid Regenerating Youth Care

  • 50 mL