Your Visit to Julia Skin Beauty during Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, Julia Skin Beauty will be operating in accordance with municipal instructions in order to help flatten the curve of the pandemic and return our lives to normal. Our operating status and procedures will reflect this.

Our current status is: Temporarily closed due to province-wide lockdown and awaiting instructions as to when we are allowed to reopen.


When visitors come to our clinic, we will be operating slightly differently in order to ensure the safest possible experience. You should know about these changes in order to make your appointment as smooth and easy as possible.

The main changes will include:

  • Wear a face mask upon arrival and throughout the duration of your appointment

  • I will meet you at the doors of Salons by JC to let you in for your appointment

Here is the Covid Safety Routine I request my clients to follow for the time being:

  • Fill out Covid Safety questionnaire prior to your appointment - You will receive a short questionnaire screening you for Covid-19 symptoms or risk factors prior to your appointment. This will be in a Google document format. Please fill it in for me to review at your earliest convenience.

  • Please bring your own mask to your appointment. Reusing masks is better for the environment. If you do not have one, one will be provided.

  • When you arrive at Salons by JC, please wait in your car until I come to open the front door for you. Appointments must be prearranged.

  • Please wear a mask and bring only necessary items with you (keys, wallet, phone).

  • Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Text me at 647 222 7293 once you are ready for me to meet you at the front doors.

  • Upon arriving at Julia Skin Beauty, you will be given an option of 70% alcohol hand sanitizer or washing your hands. You will be given a mask if you do not have one. I will ask you to store your belongings in a sanitized area.

  • When the appointment is finished, you can pay by contactless tap card or e-transfer.

  • There is a washroom for you to use.

  • I will escort you to the exit if you would like to ensure you find your way

What I am doing to ensure your visit is a safe one:

Studying provincial guidelines to ensure that I not only meet standards but exceed them while maintaining a relaxing and pleasant experience.

Completing training certifications on Covid Safety with industry partners.

Seeing a limited number of clients each day to allow adequate time for advanced sanitation procedures. I am the only service provider at Julia Skin Beauty and therefore you can be assured that I will be doing your treatment.

Emailing you a Covid Safety Routine (seen above) prior to your appointment.

Sanitizing equipment and surfaces with hospital-grade and Ministry of Health approved disinfectants.


Changing linens prior to each appointment.

Wearing a 3-ply mask or a HydraFacial Face Life mask at all times, gloves and a visor during procedures whenever possible.

Supplying a mask to you at no additional charge if you did not bring one.

Offering options for contactless payment as well as electronic receipts.

Providing hand sanitizer for use at your appointment or for purchase.

Running a HEPA air filtration system that filters all particles and droplets out of the air every 15 minutes.

Here are some reasons why Julia Skin Beauty is an intelligent choice for cosmetic services at this time:

  • 1-1 personalized service

  • Single room treatment area that is easy to sanitize and maintain

  • Professional laundry service

  • Convenient and ample parking

  • HEPA air filter to purify air

  • One provider to perform all services

  • No waiting room (minimum contact with other individuals)

  • Use single-use, disposable supplies for facials, HydraFacial and laser hair removal

  • Hospital grade disinfectants

What to expect in the future

It is my sincere hope that appointments can return to normal again in the near future. As soon as they do, I will make this known on my website, social media platforms and newsletter to clients.


In the meantime, see our current Promotions for ideas on how to look and feel your best! Also, keep abreast of Julia Skin Beauty's news on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation at this time. I truly appreciate all of my clients and hope to provide the most safe and enjoyable experience possible at my clinic.